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    The Scout, which the company bills as “the first medical tricorder,” will be available to those who’ve backed it on Indiegogo in the first quarter of next year. De Brouwer said he expects Scanadu will submit it for Food and Drug Administration approval in the second half of 2014, and will price the consumer…Last week, the Scanadu Scout finally launched on Indiegogo. As an entrant in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, the health-tracking device was designed to read your temperature, blood pressure, respiration, and other vital signs, just by holding it to your temple.Simply place the Scanadu Scout on your forehead for 10 seconds and in a snap your stats are displayed on your smartphone.Gallery: Scanadu Scout tricorder prototype hands-on | 6 Photos.Like the Scout, the company wants to make ScanaFlu and ScanaFlo affordable, and is aiming to sell them in packs of three or five for about the same price as a disposable pregnancy test.SCANADU SCOUT. NASA Research Park, Building 20, Second Floor, Moffett Field, CA 94035, United States.People will no longer ask if there’s a doctor on the plane, but if there’s a Tricorder.”Scanadu Scout | Check out ‘Scanadu Scout‘ on Indiegogo.It’s hard not to think about Star Trek when you see Scanadu’s Scout health sensor. The handheld device is being promoted as a tricorder—a realization of the fictional scanning device made famousHe’s targeting an initial price of $199. The company already has a second product in development.The tricorder functions in a way where you only need to point the device at a person to get their health status.Scanadu is a Singularity University startup that has created a device called the Scanadu Scout – The First Medical Tricorder.Will the Scout replace the humble thermometer? At an anticipated price of $199, it’s unlikely to do so overnight.To realize its ambitions, I think Scanadu needs to do more than build a tricorder.Scanadu‘s Scout helps you monitor all aspects your health — with just a 10-second commitment.Let us know your thoughts about the device in the comments. Mashable Photos, Emily Price.The Scanadu Scout is the world’s first “medical tricorder,” according to Scanadu.The first batch of 1,000 units went for $149, according to All Things D, but the price was later adjusted to $199.Scanadu, one of the competitors in Qualcomm’s $10 million XPrize competition to build the world’s first medical tricorder, was in final development stages and taking pre-orders for the Scanadu Scout First Edition for only $199.Read about the Scanadu SCOUT in this blog post from Fw:Thinking.Of course our best practices would seem barbaric to a 23rd-century practitioner – with a wave of his compact, handheld tricorder, Bones can instantly analyze and diagnose his patients.Scanadu Scout Medical Tricorder. June 25, 2013 Man of Many.The possibilities are endless with the Scout, and for what it packs in its arsenal of tools, the price is a steal.Scanadu Scout medical scanner review. Is your body tuned up or running rough?The Star Trek fan was inspired to create something like the show’s “ tricorder,” a simple, mobile device that could assess the same vital signs nurses checked each day on his son.

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